I've been Featured in an Article for Shout Out LA!

I've been Featured in an Article for Shout Out LA!

Hi Ayanna, let’s start by talking about what inspires you?

I am inspired by so many things! If I had to name two things that inspire me I would say nature + travel. Nature is one of the things I am most inspired by. The colors of leaves, the sound of a grassy field blowing in the wind, the many colors of a sunset or sunrise. All of these things are inspiring to me because they give me a feeling. I then take that feeling and use it to guide my designs. Travel is another big inspiration for me. I have a constant case of wanderlust and am always looking to change my surroundings. I love to visit new places, see how people dress, what they are eating, what their habits and customs are, that is inspiring to me as well, because it often gives me ideas of ways to do things differently. 

Head on over to Shout Out LA to read the full article.


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