So This is Different! 😳

So This is Different! 😳

So this is different! A nationwide pandemic and lockdown . . . . I hope you and your loved ones are all well. The last week has been  . . .  in a word, different . . . seeing as none of us have ever experienced anything like this before I thought I would check in with you.

I do want to let you know that your health and safety are important to me. As the current Covid-19 situation continues to change, I want you to know that I’m following the updates regarding safety recommendations and will continue to follow recommendations from the World Health Organization as well.

So you are aware, all AYANNA LISTENBEE COLLECTION products are processed, packaged and shipped by me, personally. I will continue to employ the highest levels of disinfecting standards relative to hands and surfaces at all times to ensure your orders are shipped safely.

The next few months will be an interesting time for us all. It’s just as important to protect our mental health + mindset as well as our physical health. I thought I would share a few ways I’m working on keeping a healthy mindset that may work for you as well.

Below are 5 ways you can do that::

1. Take the necessary precautions, but limit your news intake, and rely on sources you trust.

2. Focus on things you do have control over. Are there any projects or health goals you can work on during this time?

3. Take an online class or finish an online class you’ve previously purchased. (I just finished an online art journaling course. It was so much fun!!) Mindful Art Studio has some fun doodling prompts here.

4. If you are a creative, create! There’s nothing like getting lost in a project while doing something you love. Since the beginning of the year I’ve had a lot of creative energy and paint has been calling me. I’ve already started painting again and it feels great.

5. Read/Write/Netflix and Chill. Utilize your downtime to relax. If the opportunity arises, take advantage of downtime with your family. Finding a good book or movie to dive into never hurt anyone .. . . . just beware of the never-ending black hole of binge watching… I’m currently coming out of one… just finishing up the final season of Sneaky Pete. ;) Btw, Universal is offering some of it’s new movies that are currently in theaters now for online rental. Read more here.

I’m thankful for your continued support as we all continue to navigate these ever changing times. Rest assured, I will continue to keep your safety at the forefront of my business practices. Be safe + well, friends.

Love + Blessings,
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