Vintage Indigo Drop + Ramblings . . .

Vintage Indigo Drop + Ramblings . . .

Over the past few months, I have been inspired to start working with one of my favorite textiles, and I've been having a ball reinventing it by making it into scarves + ponchos!

I've always had pieces of vintage indigo around that have been used either as decor in my home or as wraps when the weather chills. There is just something about indigo that I find comforting. Much like a favorite pair of well worn jeans. I love the imperfect nature of this textile, and the fact that every piece is unique.

If you are not familiar with vintage indigo, it is a hand dyed cloth from Mali that is fashioned from hand woven strips of cotton that are sewn together to make a whole cloth. Once sewn together, the cloth is then dyed with indigo, a natural dye, originally extracted from the leaves of plants. ⁠

A few weeks ago my friend Nikki and I took a trip to Malibu to shoot some of the new indigo pieces for the site. It was such a beautiful day and it felt so good to spend time oceanside doing something I love. 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes. Click here to visit the vintage indigo collection. I hope you find something you love!


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