Comfort Mug w/ Coaster

With the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent Shelter-In-Place orders I experienced so many different emotions. Even today, four months in, I still go through an numerous feelings in one day. These feelings + moods lead me to seek out comfort for my soul in whatever ways I could. I felt the need to create items that would bring comfort to myself and those around me. That's when the "Comfort Box" was born, and a long time dream became a reality when I created the Comfort Mug as a component to the box. 

Perfect for a soothing cup of herbal tea, a cozy cup of coffee or a refreshing drink, the Comfort Mug will hold your favorite drink in style. Comes with wooden coaster that serves as a top to keep your drink warm or critters away if you decide to take it on the go. 

note: This is not a travel mug. Lid does not a screw closed.


  • 14 oz.
  • Ceramic mug w/ matte finish
  • White interior
  • Wooden lid doubles as coaster
  • Bee Logo
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