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Cozy Wrap Scarf (Linen)

With the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent Shelter-In-Place orders I found myself experiencing so many different emotions, from anxiety, to peace, to frustration and fear of the unknown. As it stands today, four months in, I still go through numerous feelings in one day. These feelings + moods lead me to seek out comfort for my soul in whatever ways I could. I felt the need to create items that would bring comfort to myself and those around me. That's when the "Comfort Box" was born.  Inspired by my lifetime love of scarves + cozy wraps, I created the Cozy Wrap Scarf.

Made of soft linen, the substantial size of the Comfort Wrap makes it a great choice for throwing over your shoulders to combat he chill of indoor air conditioning and it's lightweight nature makes it great to throw around your shoulders when heading out doors. Linen is a natural woven fiber that is lightweight and breathable. Perfect for summer evenings indoors or out.


  • avocado/dijon



  • 70 X 30



  • 100% Linen
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Hand wash
  • Lay Flat to Dry
Cozy Wrap Scarf (Linen)
Cozy Wrap Scarf (Linen)
Cozy Wrap Scarf (Linen)
Cozy Wrap Scarf (Linen)

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