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Chayah Poncho Ikat Remix- Banana Surprise

The Chayah Poncho Ikat Remix is an open front, draped poncho made of vintage Baule Kita cloth. Perfect to throw on for cool days + nights and a great lightweight piece to layer for warmth.



One Size



  • Hand woven, hand dyed
  • Vintage textile
  • 100% cotton
  • Every poncho is one-of-a-kind 
  • Hand wash, hang dry



Every Baule Kita cloth is a unique creation, with varying patterns, and tones. Due to it's vintage nature, cloths may have imperfections like repaired seams, fraying, spots or small holes, which add to the character of this one-of-a-kind textile.



A brief history of vintage Baule Kita ::

Kita is a handwoven cloth made by the Baule of Cote D'Ivorie. The women of the Baule prepare the fabric for weaving by spinning the fibers into yarn, then bleaching or dyeing the yarn prior to weaving. The men of the Baule are responsible for weaving the fibers and creating the woven strips with patterns that are then sewn together to make a whole cloth.


* Due to disruptions from Covid_19 and potential carrier delays, there may be a delay in shipping. Please note we will keep you updated along the way as information from the carrier becomes available.

Chayah Poncho Ikat Remix- Banana Surprise
Chayah Poncho Ikat Remix- Banana Surprise

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